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Interview tips for fresher: A senior person from the interview board is sharing his tips

An interview is where you market yourself and the employer assesses you on a variety of points including job skills, experience and importantly, your personality type and whether it will fit in with the corporate culture. He will also get […]

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Common Mistakes in an Interview

Unknowingly, we commit mistakes during interviews which might mar our chance of getting the job. If you identify them beforehand and prepare how to avoid them, you can sail through your interview successfully.
Always dress properly: Dressing right for the job […]

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Interview Outfits for woman and man

Interview outfits for woman
Dressing for success is very important in the interview process and helps you make a great first impression. A polished and professional look is the best to go with. The below article would provide you an idea […]

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How to handle some unfamiliar types of interviews

There are some types of interviews which are not very common. Have you ever faced one? Or are you nervous about facing one? If so, I have put forward some tips to help you handle the less familiar types of […]

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