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Internet technologies have facilitated everyone to work for anyone in the world sitting in any country.

Technology has made the world smaller and has indeed changed the nature of work. While in earlier times, it was not possible to work for an employer sitting in a different part of the world, now with the advent of […]

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How to be happy in office

There are a number of responsibilities that we as individuals have to perform on a daily basis.
And it is not very easy keeping up with them. If not balanced properly, it can take a toll on your career and make […]

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Things to do AFTER you give job notice

You have already given your resignation and are serving your notice period. Though you have already resigned, you still have responsibilities towards your company till you leave. There are certain things to keep in mind after you have given your […]

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Eligibility to work in the US

There are a number of requirements needed to be fulfilled to work in the United States. There are also different types of categories of workers who can work in the US. They can be listed as follows:

Non citizen national
Lawful permanent […]

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Things to do BEFORE you give job notice

A new job offers new beginnings, new challenges and new rewards. We also look forward to a new job and the opportunities it has to offer. But before you bid goodbye to your current job, there are a few things […]

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Example of Interview follow up email

While we tend to think that a job interview is the last step before getting a job, it usually isn’t. There are some factors that are taken into account by some employers after an interview. One such factor is a […]

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