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Common Mistakes in an Interview

Unknowingly, we commit mistakes during interviews which might mar our chance of getting the job. If you identify them beforehand and prepare how to avoid them, you can sail through your interview successfully.

Always dress properly: Dressing right for the job is very important. This shows your commitment and interest and also reveals your personality. Find out what type of company you are going to. Based on that, you can dress accordingly.

Be on time: Punctuality is very important. Making the best first impression is always beneficial. If you arrive late the day of interview itself, it will show bad time management skills. Keep plenty of time at hand so that even if you face any unpleasant situations on the way, for instance heavy traffic, you can still be on time.

Turn off your phone: Getting distracted again and again during an interview because of your phone is big mistake. When you are in an interview you should make sure that your phone is turned off so that you don’t have to answer to it or get distracted by message beeps. You can also turn keep you phone silent. If not done, the interviewer will think you are not taking the interview seriously and will not take you seriously.

Research about the company:  Read about the company and learn all that you have to know about it. If your interviewer chooses to ask about the company, you should be knowledgeable enough to answer the question properly. Company information can be found in the company website. Just go through it and read it over so that you remember what the company is all about.

Pay proper attention: Showing disinterest will make your interviewer feel that you are not taking the interview seriously. Make an effort to stay engaged and try to listen effectively. Even if you feel your attention slipping away, make eye contact and lean forward to listen more carefully.

Talk as much as needed: Don’t get carried away and keep on talking endlessly. Answer as much as needed and know where to draw a line. The interviewer might ask you about your family. Keep it short rather than giving out full personal details. Also blabbering too much during an interview is not considered a good trait.

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