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Example of Interview follow up email

While we tend to think that a job interview is the last step before getting a job, it usually isn’t. There are some factors that are taken into account by some employers after an interview. One such factor is a carefully written follow-up email to your interviewee which can act as an important tool for getting you the dream job.

Purpose of a follow-up email:

Until and unless you have completely failed in your interview, a follow-up email is quite helpful. If you already know that you have not fared well in your interview and there is minimum chance of getting employed, nothing else can help you. Follow-up emails are then not a good option as they cannot fix what you have already done wrong. But if you are confident about your success in an interview, you can consider sending a follow-up email which might help you to stand out from the rest of the candidates.

Some guidelines for writing good follow-up emails:

  • Start your email by thanking the potential employers for taking out the time to interview you. It is very important to begin a follow-up email by expressing gratitude for being considered for the interview.
  • Remind them why you are suitable for the position. If you didn’t get a chance to showcase some of your talents during the interview, this is the right time to do so. For instance, in a group interview, you might not be able to get enough time to express yourself fully. You can do so in a follow-up email and assert how valuable you are for the company.
  • Include questions about the next process and show your genuine interest in the job. This reveals that you are motivated about the job and are excited about it. Sometimes, a company might be looking for someone who can join earlier than the others. Through a follow-up email you can keep in contact with the interviewer and show your eagerness.
  • Keep your mail simple and short. Keep the sentences to a total of about ten. Do not go overboard with your explanations. During hiring times, hardly anyone has the time to sit through a long email.
  • Do not be pushy. Avoid including personal statements such as “I am going through a bad phase and I really need this job”. They are already aware that you need the job. So, restrain yourself from asking favors. What you need to showcase are your talents and your professionalism.
  • Take care of the language. Do not abbreviate words. Such as, do not write “u” instead of “you”. It is very casual and unprofessional. Use proper sentences and punctuation.

Hope the above information was beneficial for you. One very important thing to keep in mind is to find out in advance whether the company you are applying for appreciates a follow-up email or not. There might be some employers who dislike the idea of hearing from a candidate just after an interview. Thus, make sure before you consider writing a follow-up email.

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