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Interview Outfits for woman and man

Interview outfits for woman

Dressing for success is very important in the interview process and helps you make a great first impression. A polished and professional look is the best to go with. The below article would provide you an idea of what to wear for an interview.

  • A must have for any woman is a good pair of classic black pants. You can team them up with either a shirt or a sweater. You can also wear it with a smart blazer. Some other interesting options are navy, grey or black. Always avoid strapless tees or spaghetti straps inside a jacket. While a pantsuit is a more acceptable choice, you can also consider wearing a skirt suit as long as it looks formal and classy.
  • For blouses, it is not necessary for it to be always boring. You can add some color to your outfit and go for colorful blouses. Just make sure that it doesn’t look tacky. The neckline should be modest and should not show cleavage. Also showing your bra is a big no.
  • The safest choice for shoes is a mid-heel closed-toe pump. Trends change through the years but it is better to stick to something understated and professional. However, if you are applying for a job in the fashion industry or in the creative field you can wear shoes which would be appropriate for your field.
  • Carry either a purse or a briefcase but not both. Makeup should be minimal, it should be used only to enhance your features and not look overdone. Keep your nails clean and manicured. Never leave your hair wet. Also wear light jewelry; it should not be too big, distracting or noisy. Use of strong perfumes and scents are also not recommended. If you have any tattoos or cover piercings, cover them up.

However, different companies have different dress codes. If you are into industries that are into casual dressing you can keep your outfit a bit relaxed. The best thing is to check before hand.
Hope you found it beneficial and great luck for your interview!

Interview Outfits for man

The first thing that a potential employer is going to notice is the way you present yourself. Thus, dressing up properly for an interview is very important.  We all have a different social presence and a different work presence. You can wear anything fun and casual when not in office, but it is always advisable to keep your work clothes professional. An interview is the first step to starting a new job and much importance should be given to your professional presence and your first impression.

Keep it formal: For men, a suit is the most appropriate attire. You can choose from a blue, grey or black suit. Avoid double-breasted suits. Choose a three button or a two button suit according to your body shape. What flatters you most is the best bet.

Shirts: Too flashy or bright colors are not flattering. Also striped shirts are less formal than the solid ones.  A white shirt is the safest choice. Collars should be simple and not widespread. Avoid using tab collars, English spreads, pins or French cuffs.

Ties: Wear ties in dark conservative colors. It should have a neat pattern. Do not wear anything wild or bright. A bow tie is strictly avoidable.

Jackets: If you do not want to wear a suit but wear a blazer instead, choose a formal one. While it is considered casual, but it can be acceptable while appearing for interviews in certain fields where the dress code is casual. However, jackets should never be worn for an interview.

Accessories: If you want to wear a watch, choose a simple formal looking one. Do not wear big, flashy ones. It should look conservative. Your belt should match your suit and your shoes. Do not wear something that completely stand out and looks odd.

Shoes and socks: Black lace-up shoes are the best ones to wear for an interview. It should not have thick soles as it gives the appearance of boots. You should wear black or grey socks only and it should be long enough to cover your ankles.

Grooming: You should look neat and clean. Your hair should be nicely combed and your nails cut and clean. Wear colognes lightly. Keep a pen and a clean handkerchief.
If you are hesitant about your outfit, you can always call the company and ask about the dress code. This will help you decide if you are not clear about what to wear.

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