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Interview tips for fresher: A senior person from the interview board is sharing his tips

An interview is where you market yourself and the employer assesses you on a variety of points including job skills, experience and importantly, your personality type and whether it will fit in with the corporate culture. He will also get a good idea about your background by the way you talk and dress. So, keep these points in mind when you go for an interview.

  • Prepare yourself for each interview. This means learning about the company as much as you can and the job requirements. Align this data with what you possess by way of skills, experience and education and distill the essence of what you will say that will tilt the balance in your favor. An interviewer checks if you fit and being able to say it succinctly in the shortest possible time is a great skill to develop.
  • An interviewer will have questions about your educational background, your work experience and how you performed in each position, your personal skills as related to specific roles and overall, your goals and ambitions in life, how well you understand the expected role and your capabilities as well as your weaknesses. Knowing these and preparing the right answers will help you move a step forward. Rehearse and find an opportunity to slip in a few sentences about your special achievement.
  • If you do not have an answer to any question, tell the truth and have examples to support.
  • Do not say something which you think an interviewer wants to hear. He wants the truth and can make out if you are lying.
  • An interviewer may ask you personal questions about family circumstances, religious beliefs and health matters. You may choose to answer or decline by saying these will be furnished once you are selected. Interviewers understand. However, say it diplomatically rather than refusing pointblank or saying these do not concern the employer.
  • Once the interview is over do not forget to thank the interviewer for seeing you.
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