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Most Common Questions asked in an interview

An interview is a rite of passage necessary to get into a job and is not to be taken lightly. Be prepared to face a barrage of questions. Your responses determine whether you are going to be considered for the job so go prepared. An interviewer may ask a number of questions, some of them common to all such as…

Are you working somewhere and why do you want to join us?

Answer: You have developed and enhanced your capabilities that you feel you can put to use to further the growth of the company you plan to join, something that will also help you advance and give more job satisfaction. Answer must be tailored to the company, its business, its size and position in the market in relation to your capabilities.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

An interviewer may ask this question point blank or, through a series of subtle questions, make a fair estimation. In any case, if asked, do not overstress your weaknesses and say you are working to improve them while dwelling positively on your strengths and how they have contributed to your performance in your current job. Be frank and concise.

What is your remuneration and what are your expectations?

Respond frankly, stating the true figures and when asked about your expectations, give a realistic figure in relation to current job markets, your qualifications, capabilities and experience. Interviewers can know when you a re telling the truth and when you are not.

Tell me about the challenges you faced and your unique contributions and your biggest achievement.

Go prepared for this and be brief about describing these issues backed by facts and figures.

Start with…”my biggest achievement was…” and then move on to two or more less important ones. Remember, speak only about the best and do it within a minute or two. Pick an achievement that has relevance to the company you wish to join.

Why should we hire you and what are your future goals?

Keep the job requirements in mind when answering this, tailoring the answer with skilful blending of your capabilities as being a perfect match. As to future goals, dwell only on matters as they relate to the company and your role, expressing a desire to contribute to the success while taking on more responsibilities.

Questions can vary and you just cannot have a simple standardized answer for all interviewers. Prepare options on each answer, molding them to suit the job objectives and company culture.

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