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Things to do AFTER you give job notice

You have already given your resignation and are serving your notice period. Though you have already resigned, you still have responsibilities towards your company till you leave. There are certain things to keep in mind after you have given your job notice.

  1. Don’t turn things sour

There might be chances that you are leaving your job in a bad situation. And after you have given your resignation, it is tempting to act in a way you had always wanted and give a piece of your mind to anyone who has been troubling you. Control these emotions!

Try to behave as if you are still working with them and will again be working in the future. You never know when you might meet them and under what circumstances. If you leave in a positive note you will also be remembered in positive way.

  1. Manage your finance and accounts

When you leave a job and get a new one, financial accounts and plans are needed to be taken care of. Find out about them and take the necessary steps so that you do not have to face any kind of issues in the future. Once you join your new job, anyways it will keep you busy. So try to settle everything now itself.

  1. Inform your colleagues about your news

Many people are linked to you in a job and your resignation might affect a lot of them. So take care to break the news to them individually and tell them about your plans. You can also send a mail to all but it is better to approach them individually to bid goodbye.

  1. Make an effort to stay connected

Creating contacts is most of the time beneficial. So before you leave make sure to pass on your contact number or email id so that people can still keep in touch with you. Nowadays, social media has helped to connect further. So you can add them and create new contacts before you lose track of them.

Hope the above points help you out. All the best for your new career and stay blessed!!

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