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Things to do BEFORE you give job notice

A new job offers new beginnings, new challenges and new rewards. We also look forward to a new job and the opportunities it has to offer. But before you bid goodbye to your current job, there are a few things that are needed to be taken into consideration. Let’s have a look at them.

Get your new job offer in paper

It is a known fact that people start looking for new jobs because either they are not satisfied with their current one or are looking for an offer which is more lucrative. And when you get one, you get excited.

But in your excitement don’t just do anything in haste. Wait until you get the offer letter in hand. Once you have a written offer, you know that it is official and are also aware of the terms and conditions of your new job.

Analyze your situation properly

Decisions taken in haste are not correct. We often take wrong decisions if we are restless and have not weighed down the pros and cons of a situation. Make a list of all the positive and negative aspects and analyze them carefully.

The new job might be a bit more far than your current one. In this case, you should consider the fact that you will lose more time than usual. You should find out whether it would be fine for you or not.

It is true that no job is perfect but you would also not want to join a job which you would regret soon after you join it.

Finalize all the requirements of your new job

If you are meant to take medical tests, you should make sure that you have already passed them before you give your notice. You should also make sure that you meet all other requirements put forward by the new company.

Prepare your argument for leaving the current job

Of course, your current employer would not be very pleased if you are leaving the job. But everyone does so for various reasons. Prepare reasons for leaving the job and write it down.

It is always advisable to sound positive even if you carry resentment against your boss or any of your co-workers.

Go through your organization’s notice policy

Different organizations have different types of policies regarding the notice period. Go through the policy of your own company and make sure that you are abiding by it. This will help you to leave the job in a positive note. This will also give you time to collect all your personal items before leaving the job.

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